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Firm positioning & Brand development

Every firm wants to position itself as the best, the most experienced and the most client-centric. When firms are all offering a similar service, how do you set your firm separate from the rest, while proving to your potential clients that you are the firm to choose? Your answer is brand and positioning.
A professional service firm’s brand is the sum of it’s parts, including core values, visual aesthetics, culture and the tone/voice of it’s content. Brands are not static, they are living and express the spirit of the firm. The brand serves as a powerful, unspoken promise to potential clients and clients alike. Future Marketing Today can partner with you to develop a comprehensive branding and positioning strategy that resonates internally and impacts externally.

Firm Marketing Collateral

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression and it is everything! Never has it been more true than in the world of professional services. Potential clients and clients alike are quick to form opinions, which is why your branded material needs to reflect the quality and culture of your firm. Future Marketing Today can work with strategic partners to design, create and produce a comprehensive list of marketing collateral from traditional stationary to branded promotional material. We will make sure that your collateral stands out from the crowd.

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Business Development

Firm Business Development coaching

Are you looking to build your practice or empower your professionals with the necessary skills to promote your firm’s services?  Consider bringing on board a business development coach.  Business Development is how your firm will make money.  The tactics you learn will help you find new business prospects, this can either be through identifying valuable partnerships or finding new clients.  Business development coaching is essential for the modern professional services firms.

The coaching is guaranteed to be a confidential, one-on-one relationship with an experienced and objective third party who guides a professional or a small team of professionals to develop bespoke business development strategies that craft realistic goals and action plans.  Future Marketing Today can apply our knowledge to devise customized strategies for networking, developing and nurturing professional relationships, building business leads and bringing in new business for professional services firms, practice groups, industry groups and individual professionals.

Future Marketing Today will conduct routine coaching sessions to encourage new business development, establish action plans and a system of accountability to monitor progress and follow-through.  By working closely with individuals we can alter strategies as circumstances evolve to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

Firm Business Development Consulting

No matter how much the professional services landscape changes and evolves, the human element will always be present and must always come first.  That is why you need professionals who can meaningfully connect with potential clients, anticipate their needs and provide solutions that position your firm as the only choice.

Future Marketing Today can provide business development coaching to equip professionals and staff with the necessary skills they need to turn casual conversations to actionable leads.  We never take a one size fits all but rather take a more personal approach to business development.  The university career and learning paths of the individuals within professional services never equips them to learn how to build a practice, market themselves and most importantly identify opportunities for the broader firm.  We know that a willing participant partnered with an experienced coach can achieve amazing results.

Firm Business development training

Whether your firm enjoys the luxury of a seasoned rainmaker or has a new intake of bright rising stars, there will always be a need to update and sharpen your business development skills.  Future Marketing Today can provide large group business development training or bespoke training for smaller groups.  Ensuring everyone within the firm is focussed on business development and have a similar approach.

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Firm marketing Strategy & Planning

You have developed your business strategies and identified your business objectives, but how are you going to get there?  You need a plan – one that will drive you beyond today’s challenges and accelerate you towards your future.  Future Marketing Today is your creative strategy brain trust.  Whether you are currently overwhelmed with projects, need day-to-day assistance or wish to beef up on your marketing department with outside expertise, we can help you elevate your firm to the height of its potential. 

We establish defined goals to break down initiatives into manageable steps that encourage short and long-term results.  We provide implementation services and develop metrics that emphasize measurable success, so you can easily benchmark your firm’s ongoing progress.  We can assist you in defining your firm’s marketing goals, develop and execute steps to achieve success.

Firm digital Marketing

Technology puts the world in the palm of your hands, so it’s time to stop holding digital marketing at arm’s length.  Increase your reach by developing and embracing your firm’s online identity to create captivating digital collateral.  Future Marketing Today can assist you in developing your online presence from website, social media and e-marketing campaigns.  We can audit your firm’s existing website and implement required amendments while monitoring your SEO to ensure you always rank on Google searches.  Future Marketing Today can assist in delivering a comprehensive e-mail marketing campaign, establishing defined and measurable goals.  We consult on website, e-marketing and SEO improvements.

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Public Relations

Firm Media relations

The news industry is constantly evolving to keep up with the many ways in which the pubic consumes information.  Future Marketing Today can work collaboratively with your chosen PR agency to adapt and evolve too.  We can develop strategic media plans to garner coverage and partner with your professionals to craft the necessary content to position the firm as a thought leader and individuals as experts in their chosen area of specialisation.  We can identify relevant opportunities to promote your firm and your professionals while establishing them respectively as thought leaders.

Firm Crises Management

When potentially damaging news threatens your firm, Future Marketing Today can step in and support.  We have developed an effective response strategy for all kinds of crises.   We can assist you in developing a comprehensive crises management plan, prepare and advise on internal communication protocols.  Most importantly we can future-proof your firm by crafting bespoke crises management policies to ensure that when needed your firm is ready to respond.

Firm Internal Communications

As vital as your external communications campaign and PR strategies are to the firm another, often neglected area is internal communications.  Future Marketing Today has extensive experience in designing, planning and rolling out internal communications campaigns.  We can assist you in developing a comprehensive internal communications plan to inform, encourage and activate your staff.

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Social Media

Firm Social Media Strategy

At it’s root, social media is a brand-building tool.  Firms can leverage these networks to attract followers, share content and engage directly with their chosen audience as well as the broader marketplace.  But success on social media is not a given.  To truly realize the benefits, you need a plan.  Future Marketing Today can partner with your firm to assess your goals and available resources to create a custom firm social media strategy.  We will guide you on which networks to use and how to incorporate international best practices to achieve your firm’s objectives.

Firm Social Media training

Social media platforms are constantly evolving, changing and new platforms being launched.  From the platform designs, their functionality and new features, it is challenging to stay current with what is out there.  Whether your firm is a social media novice or veteran or perhaps somewhere in between, there is always something new to learn.   Future Marketing today has teamed up with key providers to offer a complete array of social media training that can be customized to meet your specific needs. From group training for LinkedIn for professionals to one-on-one consultations we can help your firm.

Firm Social Media Policy

While social media can shine a light on your firm, if your professionals and staff don’t have the direction from the top, that attention could be unwanted.  Future Marketing Today can help you craft a comprehensive firm social media policy that provides essential guidelines on appropriate usage of your firm’s and your employee’s social media accounts.

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